Key activities over the last 15 years is pre-sales were I gave technical product presentation and I’ve been working on RFx responses. This was direct to the end-customers but also to channel partners, both on technical and management level. During the last 10 years I have been mainly working from home but always within close contact with the headquarters. I have always been able to establish a good working relationship with remote colleagues. Especially in situations were escalation is needed I’m able to motivate people remotely to give the required support. With my background in a variety of technologies I’m able to adapt quickly to different situations. Furthermore I’ve been in contact with the majority of the service providers in Europe and understand the different architectures and cultures. Furthermore I’m able to communicate at different levels, this can be management-, design- or operational level.

With more than 25 years experience in the field of IT and telecommunications both in The Netherlands and internationally, I have extensive experience with the Internet, both from a technical, social and application point of view. As a team player I am able to motivate and share and transfer knowledge to others. Furthermore I’m able to work from my home office with maintaining a good relation ship with the head offices, customers and partners. As a result of this I started my own company in order to offer flexible technical sales consultancy to companies. Key in this was working with European partners in order to accelerate the overall sales for these companies. With the advantage of having the children grown up I’m always flexible in traveling and meeting plus able to have flexible working hours.

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The process of establishing a sales office and administrative environment in Europe can be very costly, time consuming and due to the unique labor laws and unfamiliarity with local business requirements, can take up to a year. Our Sales Expansion Program can help you overcome these issues. Our program allows our clients to test and understand the market before a large capital outlay and long term contractual responsibilities. 

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