Recent projects

PlumeWifi With Plume Adaptive WiFi™ you get the world’s first self-optimizing network powered by the cloud that adapts to your home in real time so every room and device has a blazing fast connection today, tomorrow, and years from now.

Instead of building on existing WiFi technology (like the world needs another router), we went a layer deeper and dissected the very architecture behind the networks we rely on every day. We saw an opportunity to do something big—to give people an unconditional connection. A WiFi solution that could be counted on for all of life’s moments—big and small.

It’s time to make the home the new standard for awesome WiFi.                        

Edgeware AB is a leader in distributed video delivery solutions. Working with a range of partners, we provide the specialized infrastructure to offer advanced on-demand TV services such as nPVR (network Personal Video Recorder), time shift TV or your own CDN services to a wide range of customers and subscribers across a broad spectrum of network topologies. No matter how you see your business adapting to the constant changes occurring in digital media distribution, Edgeware can provide infrastructure solutions for delivering new services – by getting you closer to your customers.

Positron Access Solution (previously Aktino) is a Canadian based company that delivers 3rd generation copper bonding through DMT&MiMo based solution. The company is currently offering VDSL Vectoring copper bonding solutions in the North American market. As the this market is a success they now want to explore the European market. For this  they hired me and two other sales persons to setup the European market for them. Main focus is to work with their existing relation in France Telecom and Telecom Italia. Further more we are positioning the VDSL bonding product solution within KPN, Belgacom and other European incumbents.

ADTRAN Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications  equipment with an innovative portfolio of more than 1,700 solutions for use in the  last mile of today’s telecommunications networks. There strategy is to expand their business in Europe. EMEA-fsg delivers the technicale sales services inorder to back their sales activities with technical experience and product feedback of the European needs into their corporate product marketing.


Accedian Networks is a privately held company located in Montreal, Canada, led by an experienced management team and board of directors with a proven track record in the telecommunications industry. Accedian cultivates a strong in-house expertise to develop industry-leading Packet Performance Assurance ™ solutions for emerging carrier-grade Ethernet and IP networks and applications. We are setting up their European sales organisation .  Accedian Networks serves a significant customer base of telecommunications providers, cable MSOs and mobile operators deploying VoIP, IPTV, video-conferencing and transparent LAN services over latest-generation Ethernet, IP/MPLS, and 3G & 4G / WiMAX / LTE wireless networks. Our aim is to find a similar customer base for Accedian in Europe.

Matisse is an US based company that delivers the next generation optical networking.  After DWDM and ROADM-DWDM, Matisse is delivering Packet-WDM equipment. This state of the art technology brings the Ethernet world into the optical DWDM world. If reduces the OPEX and CAPEX of optical Metro networks. Here EMEA Flexible Sales Group is working as an EMEA  sales team to bring new projects to Matisse. Key companies that we addresse are the FttH players and incumbents who are looking for the next generation optical networks that deliver Ethernet awareness in the transport layer. The second step is to establish a partner channel for Matisse who will also be trained by us. Setting up the channel will involve both sales and technical training delivered by us.


Allied Data Technologies provides its customers with products ranging from entry level “Reference designs” to enhanced products offering improved performance, cost / value and features both in the DSL as in the FTTx arena. This flexibility enables our customers to differentiate their offerings to meet the needs of their end users and provide a more profitable beneficial customer relationship. Allied Data has hired us to build-out  the European market for them. Main focus is to work with the Incumbents and the (loca) Fiber initiatives both in the Benelux and in Europe.

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